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Mad Rock Shark 2.0 Climbing Shoe
85.60 € 107.00 €
Mad Rock Drone HV
103.96 € 117.95 €
Mad Rock Solar
39.20 € 56.00 €

The Totem Basic Cam - €58 Down From €64

The Totem Basic Cam - €58 Down From €64

26th April 2016
26th Apr 2016
Pick of the week is the Totem Basic Cam, a piece of gear designed for those of you wanting to push your grade and climb more challenging terrain. Trad season is here so now’s the time to fill in the holes in your trad rack with some new cams. We are selling them for €58.46, down from €64. You must sign in as a member at the EpicTV shop to take advantage of the price reduction. Learn more here. The Totem Basic cam has a reputation for protecting hard and scary routes and fitting in cracks where other cams don’t dare to tread. They are based on the original and much loved ‘Alien’ cams, but improve on them in every department. The Totem Basic Cam - €58 Down From €64

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