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Who Is This Guy? | Climbing Daily Ep.1000

Who Is This Guy? | Climbing Daily Ep.1000

01st September 2017
01st Sep 2017
This is the 1000th episode of Climbing Daily. To celebrate, we have a look at the show's history, the presenters that helped shaped Climbing Daily, and the man behind it all: Mr Hugo Pilcher. Part two coming soon... We have a shop! Check out all our shiny gear here. Who Is This Guy? | Climbing Daily Ep.1000

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Nico Stanford's picture
Happy 1000th episode - nice one, Hugo!
4th Sep 2017
Cold House Media's picture
Athletes and Filmmakers Combined
2nd Sep 2017
Pekka's picture
Congrats Hugo and Matt for the first thousand episodes! Great show!
1st Sep 2017
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