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What Is Climbing Shoe No-Edge Technology? | Climbing Daily Ep.913

What Is Climbing Shoe No-Edge Technology? | Climbing Daily Ep.913

14th April 2017
14th Apr 2017
It's Friday Gear Show time again, and we're checking out No-Edge Technology in climbing shoes. What does it mean, how does it work, and are they any good. As always, make sure you comment below with your opinion. Watch 'The Lappnor Project' here and get the NALLE10 10% off discount code for Black Diamond bouldering gear here. Check out the climbing shoes: La Sportiva Speedster here. La Sportiva Futura here. La Sportiva Genius here. Boldrini Apache 5 here. Remember to enter out #EpicTradRack comp: just tag a photo of your trad rack on Instagram for a chance to win the Arc'teryx Bora backpack, Kong quickdraws, or Five Ten and So iLL shoes. What Is Climbing Shoe No-Edge Technology? | Climbing Daily Ep.913

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Vytis Černiauskas's picture
After my catanas' split and wore out I decided to try no-edge so i grabed the genius and i was amazed how good they are. Although i made a mistake buy downsizing them by 2 numbers, cause 1 is enough. It hurt a lot, but after some time and tricks it got reasonably comfortable. But even though I was satisfied with them, recently (after 1 year of use) I took them to a 10 day trip and the sharp mallorcan limestone damaged the toe section of the shoe. Now there's a hole after one trip. So I guess you would want the rubber layer to be a bit more durable, cause afterall, it's harder to resole no-edge shoes...
18th Apr 2017
bennett.nataliec's picture
I have the Boldrinis and I absolutely love them! They fit my foot perfectly and really hug my arch. They give a massive amount of confidence when climbing outdoors and I really trust where I put my feet. The only bad thing is the price and the difficulty in finding them!
14th Apr 2017
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