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Vlog 032 - There's A First Time For Everything!

Vlog 032 - There's A First Time For Everything!

07th June 2017
07th Jun 2017
Life's not always, and only about climbing! I remember the time when I could get lost in conversation for hours on end about the holds in a route I might never try, or happily read a climbing topo instead of getting stuck into a good novel. I used to fantasise about making trips to far away lands, yet at the same time I'd often refuse trips away if i thought they'd interfere with my climbing or training plans. Perhaps its because I've been lucky enough to live and breathe climbing for so long, that I'm now open to opportunities new - the grass is always greener. Perhaps its because I'm simply growing up and opening my eyes and becoming aware that there's just so much out there... Whatever the reason, I'm slowly realising that the world is a wonderful place, full of stories and magic. Be it the other side of the globe, in in your own back yard, history is everywhere, and there is so much stuff to see Many people have come before us, and will be there long time after we're gone. In these turbulent times its good to remember that! We're just a tiny part, so try to take a step back and look at things objectively.

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