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The Edelrid Parrot Rope - 2015 Review | Outdoor 2015

The Edelrid Parrot Rope - 2015 Review | Outdoor 2015

15th July 2015
15th Jul 2015
Edelrid’s new rope, The Parrot, is another product from the German company that has an eye set firmly to sustainability. The rope sheath is made from leftover yarns from other ropes. From now on, 95% of the leftover yarns from Edelrid’s standard production process can be “upcycled” into the Parrot rope, helping to reduce waste and cut cost. This process may sound strange but it has all been carefully tailored to produce a fully-functional, fully-rated 9.8mm single rope that meets all applicable safety standards, just like any other rope. What’s more the novel production process results in ropes that all have a unique pattern of colours so it’s now virtually impossible to get your rope mixed up with anyone else’s. Even better, Edelrid are promising to pass on the saving in the cost of production to the consumer and with a retail price of 130 euros, it’s no longer more expensive to go green…or in fact any colour you fancy! The Edelrid Parrot Rope - 2015 Review | Outdoor 2015

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