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Shroom-tastic Surfing | W.H.O. Is Punk, Ep. 5

Shroom-tastic Surfing | W.H.O. Is Punk, Ep. 5

23rd August 2013
23rd Aug 2013
Hugues Oyarzaboul's Indo trip continues with motorbike missions, surfing and adrenaline. Exploring Indonesia on a bike means big adventure, fun, risks and freedom. Speaking of freedom... one morning W.H.O was walking in the coconut forest next to his beach bungalow, and found a little mushroom, which was supposed to be 'magic', then some local people appeared and brought him more and showed him where they grew. They were laughing... a lot. So he surfed big barrels, naked, and took a video of it. It was time for Hugues to go back to Bali and surf with TJ and the NYC crew. Moral of the story? Hugues says, 'Don't try this at home, you could find yourself in trouble' -- Indeed! Surfing in Indonesia is tricky...

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