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Nicolas Favresse Gets His Hands Dirty on Schittingbull

Nicolas Favresse Gets His Hands Dirty on Schittingbull

14th June 2013
14th Jun 2013
Loving Latin Climbing - EpicTV Climbing Daily In this edition, Geldard takes us to Italy, then Spain, for updates on the most recent climbing news -- In Valle dell'Orco, Italy, Sean Villanueva has carried out the first free ascent of Legittima visione, while Nicolas Favresse has freed Schittingbull. Invited to Turin to take part in the 150th anniversary celebration of the Italian Alpine Club, Sean Villanueva and Nicolas Favresse obviously made the most of the occasion to get some climbing done and, seeing its vicinity, the Valle dell'Orco granite was on the agenda. Barbara Raudner - 8b+ in Maraglef During a recent new visit from Barbara Raudner to Spain, she was able to tick another 8b+ with Terence Hill in Margalef (pic© Hannes Raudner-Liebler). She says of the climb, 'It was very nice to share our passion of trying hard with good friends in one of my favorite places ... a muerte!!'

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