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Nalle Hukkataival Crushes Switzerland Like Godzilla on Japan

Nalle Hukkataival Crushes Switzerland Like Godzilla on Japan

19th June 2013
19th Jun 2013
Nalle Hukkataival mercilessly crushes Switzerland like Godzilla on Japan. He's from Helsinki, Finland, and has made the first ascent of one of the most longstanding projects at Magic Wood in the Graubündener Averstal, Switzerland. Nalle Hukkataival reports through Facebook that he has repeated Daniel Woods', La Force Tranquille 8C in Magic Wood. "Had a devastating fall from the easy top slab because a hold broke, but managed to pull it together and climb it again next try all the way to the top! One of the best hard boulders in the world!!" New Adam Ondra behind-the-scenes video: The backstage video of the film 'The Change' which documents Adam Ondra and the first ascent of Change, his 9b+ at Flatanger in Norway.

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