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Matt Segal Fingerlocks To Victory On 'Stingray' (5.13d) | Hardliners, Ep. 4

Matt Segal Fingerlocks To Victory On 'Stingray' (5.13d) | Hardliners, Ep. 4

08th June 2015
08th Jun 2015
California's Joshua Tree is a trad climbing proving ground, home to old school test pieces and classic crack climbs by the score. Professional climbers Matt Segal and Will Stanhope have their sights set on two of its most notorious finger cracks. First up is the tough and terrifying John Bachar route 'Acid Crack' (5.12d), which features thin, strenuous climbing with sections of poor protection. On a whole different level to 'Acid Crack' however is the boy's main project; 'Stingray.' Weighing in at 5.13d and featuring one of the most unpleasant crux sequences around, 'Stingray' is, by some distance, the area's hardest route. Matt and Will get their trad climbing heads firmly engaged as they set to work on this rarely repeated classic. Matt Segal Fingerlocks To Victory On 'Stingray' (5.13d) | Hardliners, Ep. 4

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IDK_What_I_am_Doing's picture
Does anyone know who sings the songs in this video? I think the music is really good! I can't seem to find anything about it. Thanks!
24th Sep 2015
c.kolak's picture
Lokalizator GPS dla firm samochodowych. Sonda paliwa w celu pełnej kontroli paliawa
my next dream, money is not enough of these dreams
13th Jun 2015
Chantrey Touego's picture
"That was more insecure than my first grade 8 dance" Will Stanhope cracks me up!
9th Jun 2015
Michelle Webster's picture
Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
Hope I get to climb here one day
9th Jun 2015
Zofia Reych's picture
I've got one question only. What is it with Stanhope's head band? :D
8th Jun 2015
Kirsti Lehtimaki's picture
UX Designer & Climber, Chamonix
You can't do crack climbing vid without a head band. They belong together since the Valley Uprising! My lord, the pain of finger locks...
9th Jun 2015
Ted Endo's picture
I think you will find that when you're climbing finger cracks, a headband helps keep your head from exploding due to over straining.
8th Jun 2015
Zofia Reych's picture
that's what i've been doing wrong all the time then...
8th Jun 2015
Ted Endo's picture
This is one of my favorite series on EpicTV. Of the many things it has taught me is that I will never, ever have the strength, determination, and masochism necessary to crack climb, much less climb finger cracks.
8th Jun 2015
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