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Did Said Belhaj Lie About Climbing 'Action Directe'? | Climbing Daily Ep.1555

Did Said Belhaj Lie About Climbing 'Action Directe'? | Climbing Daily Ep.1555

18th December 2019
18th Dec 2019
Get a last minute Christmas gift here. Read Hanne's article here.Said's response here. Today we discuss the controversy surrounding Said Belhaj claimed ascent of the 9a 'Action Directe'. Journalist Hannes Huch has made allegations that Said did not actually climb the route. We explore the debate and bring you the rest of this week's climbing news.  Watch the Blokfest comp highlights here. Did Said Belhaj Lie About Climbing 'Action Directe'? | Climbing Daily Ep.1555

Comments (3)

kiefferphilipp's picture
Ah, and the thread is this one: https://www.8a.nu/forum/news/belhaj-gives-details-and-has-belayers
19th Dec 2019
kiefferphilipp's picture
Hey guys, watching your video I noticed that at 04:58 it says in one of the instagram comments: "Der bisher verschwundene Mike der Said in AD gesichert hat, hat sich heute Morgen auf 8a.nu in einem der Threads zu Wort gemeldet" In English that's "The previously missing Mike who belayed Said in AD has posted in one of the threads on 8a.nu this morning" Here's his first comment in the thread: "Knowing that I am absolutely offended by what I have been reading for a few days and that I am intervening here at the sole request of my friends who find absolutely unfair what is happening , I will be brief and concise. My name is Michael Fromm, born on 13 January 1982 in Landau in der Pfalz and currently living in Westheim. I am the one who belayed Said Belhaj when he sent Action Directe on 27 October 2018. To answer your questions: yes he sent the whole route, yes he did the crux (and pretty well if you wan't my opinion) and yes I deleted my insta account for personal reasons that do not concern you. my personal email is Michael 67@photographer.net if some serious and objectif journalist want more details. I will not enter in your witch hunt on this forum or another."
19th Dec 2019
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Hey, thanks for the comment, apparently Said has come out and said this guy was not his belayer...thanks for the link to the thread, it makes for some interesting reading for sure :)
20th Dec 2019
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