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Brad Gerlach's Air Odyssey | EpicTV Choice Cuts

Brad Gerlach's Air Odyssey | EpicTV Choice Cuts

02nd September 2014
02nd Sep 2014
Brad Gerlach is a 48 year-old grommet. Known for his brash, outgoing personality, and silky smooth style, Gerr was a fixture on the ASP tour in the 1980's and early 90's. Since retiring from competition, he's gone onto a career as a Billabong XXL-winning big wave surfer, contest promoter, and webcast commentator. Lately he's put on the hat of surf coach and he's in the process of finishing up a new book that dishes out the surfing secrets he has learned over the years. In true Gerr fashion he decided he needed to show that he could do all of the maneuvers he writes about in the book himself. No problem, right? Well... he had almost everything down pat, then he realized that he hadn't done an air since he was 15. So at an age when most guys have long since abandoned shortboards, much less any thought of taking to the air, he set himself the task of going above the lip. The results weren't always pretty, but Gerr, fit of body and young of spirit, has now earned his wings. Check out his transformation from flailing on the face to stomping in the whitewater and see how he learned to take to the skies. Brad Gerlach's Air Odyssey | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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