Rise of the Drones Film Festival 2015

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EpicTV Video: EpicTV & DJI's 2015 Rise Of The Drones Film Festival WINNERS


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15th Oct 2015

EpicTV & DJI's 2015 Rise Of The Drones Film Festival WINNERS

Thank you to everyone who participated in EpicTV & DJI's 2015 Rise Of The Drones Film Festival. One of the world's first Action and Adventure Aerial Drone Film Festival in the world! The 86 Official Selection Films represent 20 different countries from France to South Korea, and 29 varieties of action and adventure sports categories! With so many excellent films, choosing the winners was not easy. These winners and honourable mentions are a celebration of what can be achieved and explored when filmmaking combines drone aerial footage and action and adventure sports. WINNERS:: BEST FILM: Project Jura by Joonas Vinnari; BEST ACTION: RED RUN by Edward Birch and Salt Street Productions; BEST EDITING: Call To The Wild by George Bruce Wilson; BEST SINGLE AERIAL SHOT: One-Take Wonder by Virginas Andrei Bando HONOURABLE MENTIONS:: BEST ABSTRACT: A Cycledelic Trip by Christian Meola; BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: A Vision by Sebastien Raban; BEST DOCUMENTARY: Ishtar X Tussilago by Maceo Frost Thanks for Joining the Revolution!

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